The Birth of Catch-A-Lure


At some point, even the best fisherman miss a cast, leaving a favorite lure hanging in a tree just out of reach, without an easy way to retrieve it.

Catch-A-Lure was invented by a lifelong fisherman from Eastern Pennsylvania. Noticing wherever he fished in streams, rivers or any body of water; there were always fishing lures hanging up in the tree branches, bushes & even an occasional dock. These lures, usually new & quite valuable were also an eyesore to the estuaries environment.

He also lost lures & flies of his own becoming frustrated; being that they were just out of arms reach, but reachable with the tip of his fishing rod.

Through the process of getting the old hanging lure tangled into the eyelet; he would pull the lure toward him. As the weathered fishing line would tighten, and the tree limb bend, the line would snap catapulting the lure into the river, never to be seen again. In another instance, as he pulled down the lure, he reached it with his fingers tips, grasping it. He then began to slide down a sand bank he was standing on in the river. The tree limb bent but the line did not break & the fishing hook began to drive into his finger. He thought, 'there's got to be a better way!' After checking with his local tackle shops & looking online he found nothing.




Catch-A-Lure was born & has been saving folks lures & money ever since.
Thus our motto 'Get it Back!' with Catch-A-Lure.

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