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CATCH-A-LURE - Fisherman's helper - fly & lure retrieval

fishing lure retrieverTurn your fishing rod into a fishing fly & lure retriever

How many types of CatchALures are there?

There are 4 kinds:

    1.) Fly Fishing CatchALure (FF-CAL): Harmlessly attaches directly to your fly rod tip top. Fits Rods 2-10Wh
    2.) Telescopic Fly Fishing CatchALure: Has an insert that accepts a stainless steel telescopic tube. Extends to 6’ 9”
    3.) Conventional CatchALure (C-CAL): Harmlessly attaches to any fresh water conventional fishing rod. ie; Bass rod/pole or Trout fishing rod/pole, light to medium tackle
    4.) Telescopic Conventional CatchALure: Has an insert that accepts a stainless steel telescopic tube. Extends to 8’ 6”

Will FF-CAL or C-CAL harm my rod? NO they will not harm your rod. The design of this product puts almost no pressure on the rod blank or tiptop. Remember that it is made to cut fishing line, quickly & easily without much of an effort.

Will F-FCAL cut braided line? Yes, it will cut braided line.

Will FF-CAL work on larger flies or lures? It does, but the magnets are thinner & made to selectively hold a lighter fly or streamer.

fishing lure retriever

Will FF-CAL fit on my conventional fishing rod? Yes & No. some rod blanks are too thick. We suggest you get a C-CAL.

What lures does C-CAL retrieve? If it has a hook or treble hook then C-CAL will get it. Bass lures, rapalas, poppers, spinners, crank baits, wormys, musky flys, you name it C-CAL can get it if it has a steel hook on it.

Will C-CAL work on flys? Yes, but the small flys size 16, 18, 20 may miss being caught via the repositioned magnets. Get a FF-CAL for fly fishing flys is recommended.

Will C-CAL fit on my flyrod? Yes, but it is heavier than FF-CAL which may flex entire rod and not be as easy to control.

Can the Telescope of either FF-CAL or C-CAL be disconnected and then use the actual product on my rod? Yes it is two products in one. It can easily be disconnected & reconnected by removing a set-screw.

Can I use any CAL to cut a tree branch? No. Tree branches are heavier to move than any fish. Cutting the line is the key to the efficiency of FF-CAL or C-CAL & most of the time your line will fall out from the tree branch, after its cut from the lure or fly.

What does a FF-CAL Weigh? 9 oz.

What does a C-CAL Weigh?
12 oz.

fishing lure retriever

Advantages of using Catch-A-Lure fly & lure retriever

  • Can be used from a shoreline, wading or on a boat.
  • Cuts your line easily at a safe distance when lure is tangled in tree. Mono, Braided up to 25lbs test.
  • Helps avoid contact with critters that live in trees & bushes.
  • Easily stores in a vest or tackle box.
  • Reduces environmental impact (lures tangled in trees) around rivers, lakes, ponds, mangroves, docks etc.
  • Best of all, helps you get your lure or fly back & saves you money.
CatchALure is saving all fishermen time, lures flies & money for all types of fishing. It protects our environment; keeps our rivers, ponds & lakes clean from micro-trash, order yours today.

'Get it Back!' with Catch-A-Lure.

fishing lure retriever

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