Conventional Fishing Catch-A-Lure Lure Retriever

Conventional Fishing Catch-A-Lure Lure Retriever

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The Conventional Fishing Catch-A-Lure is designed specifically for Lures.


  • Lure Retriever for all Conventional Fishing. Spinners, Bass Plugs, Spinner Baits, Rapalas, Wormys & Musky Flys
  • Safe for Fishing Rods - We've sold thousands with no rod damage.
  • Extendable Option - Extends from 1' 5" to 8' 6". Stainless Steel construction. Comfort-Grip handle.
  • Cuts Anything - The sharp but concealed blade will cut mono and even the toughest, braided line, up to 25 lb test.
  • Compact and Lightweight - Fits neatly in any vest or tackle box.
  • Save Time and Money - Lures cost $$ money. When they get hung up you don't want to waste your fishing trip trying to get them back.
  • Keep Waterways Clean - CatchALure is a Sustainable Product
  • Keep Wildlife Safe - Animals can get hung up and die on hooks if they're not retrieved. Be the reason why they wont.


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