Conventional CatchALure had a fantastic write up in 2020 Bass Angler Magazine for all types of lure retrievals. Online Purchase Specials: Buy 2 of Anything and Get Free Shipping. Buy 3+ get FREE Shipping AND 10% Off! COVID-19 has canceled all remaining shows we were to attend. Online orders are in full operation and being met quickly.

Named a "Top New Product" in Field&Stream. CatchALure is a tool designed to conveniently attach & detach from your rod giving you a reach advantage of almost 17 feet (height of fishermen + arm reach + length of fishing rod) lancing the line while holding the fly or lure magnetically until you "Get It Back"

Don't want to use your rod? No problem. Telescopic CatchALure in either Fly or Conventional has a built-in retractable extender, is made of stainless steel so it wont rust, comfortable no-slip foam handle with lariat attachment. 

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CatchALure Fly Retriever will retreive: All types of flies from size 30 to 0. Nymphs, Streamers, Dry's, Small spinners up to size 1.

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Conventional CatchALure will retrieve: Spinners, Bass Plugs, Buzz Baits, Rapalas, etc.

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Voted Field&Stream

"Top New Product"

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CatchALure Fly Retriever

"Its the Right Thing to Do"

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Catch-A-Lure featured in Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

We Give to Project Healing Waters

A portion of your purchase will be donated to Project Healing Waters for our recovering USA Warriors

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Globo Surf

"It is well worth the money and will pay for itself in just a few trips and save you a lot of money in the long term."

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