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Never lose another Fly or Lure again! Find out how...

WHY CatchALure?



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Save Time and Money

Some flys you just cant lose on a prefect "match" and lures cost money so don't worry about losing them again with the CatchALure retrieval tool.


Long Reach

Designed to conveniently and safely attach and detach from your rod (or use with our telescopic pole), giving you a reach advantage of almost 17 feet (height of fishermen + arm reach + length of fishing rod or telescopic pole).


Compact and Lightweight

After use, quickly store it right back in your vest or tackle box, even if you're using the Extendable Telescopic Pole option.


Extendable Option

If your not comfortable putting the retrieval tool on your rod? No problem. Our "Extendable Telescopic Collapsible Pole" option is the perfect solution.

Compact and lightweight, the extendable, stainless steel pole telescopes from 1 foot 3 inches to 6 feet 9 inches! It also has a foam grip and lariat. (Optional Magnetic Tether too, see accessories) This is the perfect option if you want to keep the retrieval device separate from your fishing rod.


Safe For Rods

Extensive engineering and testing ensures the tiptop of the rod is not overloaded when attaching and using CatchALure. It is made to engage the inner metal eyelet circle with four different lock-ladder steps of your choice with a cradling of the rod blank. And then cut the tippet in the V-cutter with miniscule effort.

Reeling in a nice fish applies much more pressure than CatchALure. However, if your rod has been compromised or mishandled by accident previously nicked, struck a tree branch, etc. These are unknowns. Because of this CatchALure assumes a no liability or risk should your rod accidently break while using.

We have never broken any rods in our testing and retesting of 81+ iterations or use while on the river getting our flies back.


Cuts Anything!

The blade is concealed for safety, but don't be fooled, it can cut anything, even braided line up to 25lb test!

We've spent countless hours developing the cutter to smoothly rip through even the toughest line so you can effortlessly get your flies and lures back!


Keep Waterways Clean

Get all your flies and lures back to keep your waterways clean.  Fishing is better in pristine, unpolluted environment.


Keep Wildlife Safe

When you leave a fly or lure behind it can easily get caught on another fisherman or hiker as they pass through, or an unsuspecting animal who gets caught on your old hook, and dies.


Makes a Great Gift!

Give your friends and family the gift of a better fishing experience. The CatchALure retrieval tool makes a perfect gift for any occasion, and it's so compact it'll stuff into any stocking!



You know, watching my gear come back on the CatchALure, or fall out of the tree with a plop, is as good as catching a nice fish. It makes me smile every time.
Best wishes from IN.


Its not about getting a fly back, as much as, getting back THE only fly that's working that day. Now I'm going to buy a Conventional for my lures. A must add to your fishing tackle arsenal!


I got the CatchALure Fly Retriever as my yearly gag gift to my brother for Christmas. It was soo worth the money when he admitted it he uses it all the time!