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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get CatchALure at the Bigbox store?  Not yet.

Available through Online Ordering directly from CatchALure is fast, easy and secure. We will get your order out immediately via USPS. We appreciate your business and do not share any of your information from our web platform with anyone, ever!

How many different CatchALure options are there? Four

1. Fly Fishing CatchALure (FF-CAL):  In color green, wt 4oz. Height: 3-1/2" Width: 3/4" retrieval tool attaches/detaches directly to your fly rod tip-top. Fits Rods 2-10wt. Use for flys, streamers and small metal spinners size 0-1. $19.95

2. Telescopic Fly Fishing CatchALure (TFF-CAL): Retrieval tool comes attached to a stainless telescopic pole & foam handle with lariat for flotation if dropped in water.  Extends from 1' 3" to 6’ 9”.  $39.95


3. Conventional CatchALure (C-CAL): In color yellow, wt 9oz. Height: 6-1/2" Width: 1-1/4" retrieval tool attaches/detaches to any fresh water conventional fishing rod or 7w -12w flyrod. Used for medium/large tackle and big flys such as musky size.  $19.95

4.Telescopic Conventional CatchALure (TC-CAL):  Retrieval tool comes attached to a stainless telescopic pole & foam handle with lariat for flotation if dropped in water. Extends 1'3" to 8’ 6”. $39.95


Will CatchALure harm my rod?

The design of this product puts almost no pressure on the rod blank or tip-top of flyrod. It is made to cut fishing line, quickly, easily without much effort. If your rod has been compromised before using a CatchALure, ie. smacked against a tree limb when casting, bent while wading, there may be a nick/fracture already existing, and use of CatchALure could reveal this. Because of this "unknown" all risk is assumed buy the purchaser of the product. If you feel uncomfortable using your rod (no problem) then we suggest you get a Telescopic Fly Retriever.  In either case CatchALure works great as intended--to cut the line and get your fly or lure back. And we've sold a bunch to happy customers while we use it ourselves, everyday. 

Will CatchALure cut braided line?

Yes, it will cut braided line, mono or fluorocarbon. There is an embedded razor tucked safely within the V-Cutter which quickly cuts the line freeing the tangle. No worries on safety as you can slide your fingers over the razor but never actually "touch it" so its safe for everyone to use. It also serves a fast-action line cutter. Keep it on your vest and drag your line over it and you can cut spooled tippet or line easily.

What lures does Conventional CatchALure retrieve?

If it has a hook or treble hook then C-CAL will get it. Bass lures, Rapalas, poppers, spinners, crank baits, wormys, musky flys, you name it Conventional CatchALure can get it.

Will the Fly Fishing CatchALure fit on my conventional rod?

It might, 50/50 from what we see in the lab, as some of the conventional rod blanks are too thick to allow the fly-fishing model to seat properly. For all conventional rods we recommend Conventional CatchALure know as C-CAL in color yellow.

Will the Conventional CatchALure fit on my fly rod?

Yes, but keep in mind that C-CAL weighs 9oz. vs FF-CAL weighing 4oz. and could make it hard to control with lighter weight rods.

Flyrods 2w-10w fit to a Fly Fishing CatchALure 4oz. (green)

Flyrods 7w-12w (if your chucking musky flys) get a Conventional CatchALure (yellow) 9oz. which contains heavier/stronger magnets. It works great on these bigger flys and anything else with a steel hook.

Will Conventional CatchALure retrieve smaller flys?

Yes it will, but the smaller flys size 18-30 may be missed via repositioned magnets. For these type of smaller flys we recommend the FF-CAL (green) 

Will this fit my ceramic or micro-tip?

We engineered the Fly Fishing and Conventional Catch A Lure to fit all rods. However, certain ultra-small ceramic micro-tips may require you to adjust/trim the back side of the lock ladder on CAL. This is uncommon.   

Can the telescopic feature of either Fly Fishing or Conventional CatchALure models be disconnected so I can use the product directly on my rod?

Yes! It is two products in one. It can easily be disconnected & reconnected by removing a set-screw.

Can I use either CatchALure retrievers to cut a tree branch?

Never! Tree branches are heavier to move than any fish. Cutting the line is why CatchALure was made and the key to its efficiency. 

Can I use for underwater rescues? 

Sure can. If you can cut the line to free the lure, the magnets will hold the lure even underwater.  

Advantages of using CatchALure Retrievers:

  • Small; fits in a vest or tackle box.
  • Employees your rod to now become a reaching tool into bush.
  • Can be used from a shoreline, wading or on a boat.
  • Cuts your line easily at a safe distance when lure is tangled in tree. 
  • Helps avoid contact with critters that live in trees & bushes.
  • Great to have in tight casting areas or high weed banks. 
  • Reduces environmental impact - Keeps humans and animals from getting caught on lost hooks and line that litter our waterways.
  • Best of all! Helps you get your fly or lure back and saving you time and money.

 Keep Fishing and "Get them all Back" with CatchALure!

CatchALure is made from the minds of the USA and is Patent and Trademark protected. Gather a fishermen/rocket scientist & a highly educated engineer/outdoor enthusiast and this is how we are not only saving you money by getting your fly or lure back, but also, all doing our part to save the environment and provide sustainability to our waterways from a really cool pastime.  Pass it on!