Can I get CatchALure at the store?

The Big Fishing Companies don’t want you to know about CatchALure! We get asked all the time “ where can I buy one, can I buy this at the local store?” The answer is no. We showed those bigger companies (you know who they are) CatchALure and we found out one simple truth: They don’t want you to get your fly or lure back and save your money, but instead,  they want you to buy more of their flys & lures and spend more money!  We were shocked too, so you know what we did? We set out on our own and made the Brand of CatchALure a reality in 2016. Trial, error and over 80+ iterations from the minds of the USA to get to the high-quality products you see today. That’s why it was name a Field&Stream--Top New Product and has had multiple write-ups in several reputable fishing magazines across the World!

How many different Catch-A-Lure options are there?

There are 4 options:

  1. Fly Fishing Catch-A-Lure (FF-CAL): Retrieval tool harmlessly attaches directly to your fly rod tip-top. Fits Rods 2-10wt. Use for flys, streamers and small metal spinners size 0-1.
  2. Telescopic Fly Fishing Catch-A-Lure (TFF-CAL: Retrieval tool comes attached to a stainless steel telescopic pole. Extends from 1' 3" to 6’ 9”.
  3. Conventional Catch-A-Lure (C-CAL): Retrieval tool harmlessly attaches to any fresh water conventional fishing rod. ie; Bass Rod/Pole or Trout Fishing Rod/Pole. Use medium tackle and big flys such as musky size.
  4. Telescopic Conventional Catch-A-Lure (TC-CAL):  Retrieval tool comes attached to a stainless steel telescopic pole. Extends to 8’ 6”.

    Will Catch-A-Lure harm my rod?

    No, neither retrieval tool will in any way harm your rod or pole. The design of this product puts almost no pressure on the rod blank or tip-top. It is made to cut fishing line, quickly & easily without much of an effort.

    Will Catch-A-Lure cut braided line?

    Yes, it will cut braided line. There is an embedded razor tucked safely within the V-Cutter which quickly cuts the line freeing the tangle. No worries on safety as you can slide your fingers over the razor but never actually "touch it" so its safe for everyone to use. 

    Will Fly Fishing Catch-A-Lure work on larger flies and lures?

    It does, but the magnets are thinner & made to selectively hold a lighter fly or streamer. If you fly fish get this one: FF-CAL. Using musky flys? We recommend C-CAL because of stronger magnets to attract larger hooks.

    Will Fly Fishing Catch-A-Lure fit on my conventional fishing rod?

    It might 50/50 from what we see in the lab, but some conventional rod blanks are too thick to secure. For conventional rods we suggest you get a C-CAL.

    What lures does Conventional Catch-A-Lure retrieve?

    If it has a hook or treble hook then C-CAL will get it. Bass lures, rapalas, poppers, spinners, crank baits, wormys, musky flys, you name it C-CAL can get it.

    Will Conventional Catch-A-Lure work to retrieve flies?

    Yes, but the small flies size 20, 22 etc may miss being caught via the repositioned magnets. For these  type of flys, FF-CAL is recommended.

    Will Conventional Catch-A-Lure fit on my fly rod?

    Yes, but it's a little heavier. C-CAL weighs 11oz vs FF-CAL at 0.6 oz.
     C-CAL may flex the rod fly rod a bit more and be difficult to control.

    Will this fit my ceramic or micro-tip?

    We engineered the Fly Fishing and Conventional Catch A Lure to fit all rods. However, certain ultra-small ceramic micro-tips may require you to adjust/trim the back side of the lock ladder. This is easily accomplished by trimming the back of the lock-ladder to assure a fit into the diameter tiptop. This is uncommon.   

    Can the telescopic pole of either Fly Fishing or Conventional Catch-A-Lure models be disconnected so I can use the product directly on my rod?

    Yes! It is two products in one. It can easily be disconnected & reconnected by removing a set-screw.

    Can I use either Catch-A-Lure retrievers to cut a tree branch?

    Never! Tree branches are heavier to move than any fish. Cutting the line is why CatchALure was made and the key to its efficiency.

    What does Fly Fishing Catch-A-Lure weigh (without the telescopic pole)?

    0.6 oz.

    What does Conventional Catch-A-Lure weigh (without the telescopic pole)?

    .11 oz.

    Advantages of using Catch-A-Lure Retrievers:

    • Small, fits in a vest or tackle box.
    • Employes your rod to now become a reaching tool.
    • Can be used from a shoreline, wading or on a boat.
    • Cuts your line easily at a safe distance when lure is tangled in tree. Mono, Braided up to 25lbs test.
    • Helps avoid contact with critters that live in trees & bushes. Great in mangroves or high weed banks. 
    • Reduces environmental impact - Keeps humans and animals from getting caught on lost hooks that litter our waterways.
    • Helps you get your fly or lure back! Saving you time and money.

     Keep Fishing!

    "Get it Back" with CatchALure