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Welcome to the Family 2020 Convention CatchALure & Telescopic Conventional CatchALure

Back in the Spring of 2016, 3+ years ago we introduced Fly Fishing CatchALure and knew it was something special with all its positive write-ups and accolades; however it fell short of what the big musky fly throwers, conventional and bass fishermen needed. After all, the lures these folks use tend to be expensive, easily reaching $25.00+ for specialized water to fish warfare missiles. Lose one of these in a tree and deal with unexplainable depression that xanax or alcohol cant mask.

Enter “Conventional CatchALure” fondly we refer to as C-CAL.

Conventional CatchALure 

Designing C-CAL was a labor as we had to consider how to make the product efficient with six clear design features that must be answered:  

1st could it handle the heavier treble hooks without the lure falling off on retrieval? C-CAL has 3 heavy duty neodymium magnets (sister FF-CAL has two smaller) that are 10x stronger than FF-CAL and really draw the lure into it.

This Shadow Rap retails for 12.95


2nd we had to redesign the cutter to cut super tough braided line and WOW does it ever, like a laser! We get thrilled ever time a customer tries it in disbelief.  If you’ve ever had the joy of cutting braided line you will be surprised too.

3rd we had to make a lock ladder that would accommodate and connect to all conventional rods. No easy task, but we did it. 

Both Conventional CatchALures

4th we added a rod blank protector to assure the treble hooks did not get caught in the rod when retrieving the lure.

5th We added a feature that would allow a telescopic option to be added. A big positive for boaters or those who don’t want to use their rod.

6th We had to make it light enough (9oz.) to use on a rod, big enough to hold a lure, small enough to fit in a tackle box and make it bright enough to distinguish it against a darker background. Boom bright yellow and the Conventional CatchALure was born. 

So what? Well how about this. The next time you’re on the water casting and your reel drag is not disengaged, or finger, interferes sending your lure uncontrollably into a tree or bush, which is just out of reach of you – That is the moment you wished you had a Conventional CatchALure. Remember, it’s the line that marries you to your situation. Sure, you can get crafty dragging the lure through the branches but as soon as it gets truly snagged then rodding that puppy uncontrollably (you know the drill) until all hope is lost and your left with only one alternative. Snap the line like a banjo string, spooling all of that’s left into the tree to accompany the lure. You have LOST!

The better solution? Take out you Conventional CatchALure and cut the line, retrieve the lure, and pull the reaming line out of the branch since its connected to your reel, retie and you back in business. It’s a no fuss tool that saves your lure, saved you some cash, frustration, left the environment as it was, and maybe saved a bird or animal later in the day thinking your lure was their prey.


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